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We are happy to advise the Media on research projects and to disseminate our work

2022: Prof McCabe talks to Fortune Magazine about Hobbies and Mental Health

2022: Prof McCabe talks to BBC Radio Berkshire about her teams collab with the University of Reading Outreach team on Widening Participation and increasing university access for under-represented students. She also discussed adolescent mental health and depression symptoms such as anhedonia.

2022: Prof McCabe acted as a consultant for Vice Media Group LLC an American-Canadian digital media and broadcasting company. 

2022: Prof McCabe is interviewed by the Telegraph on brain chemistry and mood

2022: Prof McCabe is interviewed for The Guardian about dopamine

2022:   Prof McCabe speaks to The Guardian about mental health and finding time for yourself

2021:   ITV Tonight programme Dr McCabe discusses Sugar and its effects on the human brains Reward System

2021:   BBC Radio Berkshire Interview on Hobbies and Mental Health during Lock Down

2021:   Radio Sputnik Scotland Interview on Hobbies and Mental Health during Lock Down

2021:   The Independent

2021:    Best Health Magazine, Canada:

2021:    The Conversation piece on Hobbies and Mental Health in lockdown 

2021:    The Telegraph, interview on Dopamine and Reward

2020:    GQ Magazine, UK: Article about my Conversation piece on Dopamine Fasting, June in print.

2020:    Vogue Magazine, Vogue Australia: Interviewed about Dopamine Fasting, by Award Winning Science Journalist Fiona McDonald CEO of @ScienceAlert, 85.8K followers. Vogue Australia has ~1.5M readers per issue (print and social media) and ~1.5M facebook followers.

2020:   Dr McCabe interviewed on reward and dopamine for a new health related book by award winning Journalist Maria Borelius

2020:    New UROP research placement available in our lab see here:

2020:    Dr Anna-Lena Frey our recent PhD graduate project manages new trials in Alzheimer's Research UK, discussed here by David Cameron

2020:    Magazine, Marie Clare: Interviewed on Dopamine Fasting, Jan by Journalist Clare Thorp Marie Clare magazine publishes editions in more than 35 countries on five continents and ~157K readers per issue.

2019:    The Conversation: “Dopamine fasting: an expert reviews the latest craze in Silicon Valley” published Nov 2019, ~136K readers.

2017:    Radio, BBC Berkshire: Discussed Depression, Reward and Antidepressants. ~95K listeners.

2015:    TV, BBC1: “The Truth about Sugar”,  Ran an fMRI experiment with TV presenter Fiona Phillips and discussed the brains response to reward initially ~4.5M viewers, and has been repeated many times and globally e.g. Australia.

2015:    Radio, BBC Berkshire: Interviewed about Depression and the Neurobiology of Reward by presenter Anne Diamond, ~ 95K listeners.

2015:    Magazine, Kerrang: “The Brain and Music as Reward” Interviewed at Reading Festival. ~446K readers per issue.

2015:    Radio, BBC Berkshire: Interviewed by Phil Kennedy on Food Craving and the Brain. ~95K listeners.

2014:    TV, BBC1: Inside Out, ran an fMRI experiment with presenter Jon Cuthill and discussed the brains reward response. ~3.3M viewers.

2014:    Newspaper, The Reading Post: Article written about our work in Eating Disorders.

2014:    TV, Channel 4, Dispatches: “Are you addicted to sugar?” Discussed our work with presenter Antony Barnett on chocolate reward and the brain  ~2.5M viewers, also repeated.

2013:    TV, BBC1, “Britons Favourite Supermarket Foods”, Ran a reward experiment with presenter Cherry Healey and discussed brains response to chocolate ~4.7M viewers, also regularly repeated.

2013:    Radio, BBC Berkshire: Discussed our work and new study on Eating disorders and the Reward system with Tony Blackburn. ~122K listeners.

2010:    Newspaper, The Observer: “Why are Britons so sweet on chocolate?” article written about our work on chocolate reward  ~160K readers an issue.

2007:    Newspaper, The Telegraph: “Chocoholics like drug addicts, say scientists”  article written about our work on chocolate reward

2007:    Newspaper, The Guardian: “Brain scans pinpoint how chocoholics are hooked” article written about our work on chocolate reward ~1.02M readers an issue.

2006:    Newspaper, The Seattle Times, USA: “Chocolate: Love at first bite — or sight” based on McCabe Biological Psychiatry poster on the Brain and Reward.

2006:    Newspaper, The St Louis Post, USA: “Some people have chocolate on the brain” based on our Biological Psychiatry poster on the Brain and Reward.

2006:    TV, NBC News, USA: “A chocolate heaven for anyone who's a fan!”

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