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We are happy to engage with the public to advise on research matters and to disseminate our work.

2024: UoR Blog on Menopause and CBT

2024: Blog by TogetherAsOne about working with NRG_Lab work and young people as community researchers on Hobbies and Mental health

2023: Article for The Conversation on Menopause and CBT Menopause: why psychological therapy is now being recommended for hot flushes (

2022: Prof McCabe and team were shortlisted finalists in the University of Reading Research Engagement and Impact Awards 2022, for their work on Widening Participation and "Improving Ethnic Diversity in Higher Education".

2022:  ​Insider, Business InsiderYahoo!, and Women's Weekly and Her world quote Professor McCabe on hobbies and their positive effect on mental health. 


2021:    Neuroscience news piece on Hobbies and Mental Health

2021:    University of Reading blog on Hobbies and Mental health in lockdown

2019:    University of Reading article on our Conversation piece

2019:   Article talking about the Festival of Neuroscience in Dublin and mentioning work on Adolescent Depression, Be Good Early Intervention Ethics Website

2019:    Report on Festival of Neuroscience mentioning talk on Depression Symptoms and Reward in Adolescents, “When Psychiatry meets Neuroscience” Royal College of Psychiatrists Insight Magazine,

2018:    Article on Music and the Reward system, British Association of Psychopharmacology website,

2018:    Article on Music and the Reward system, Reading Festival Website, 2018:

2017:    Report on the Cheltenham Science Festival written by McCabe and Antonesei, British Association of Psychopharmacology Website

2017:    Article mentioning our work using neuroimaging to investigate reward processing in the brains of people with depression, Dana Foundation website.

2016:    Article that mentionsresearch into Chocolate and reward, Optima Magazine website, 2016:

2015:    Video of our work for public website, Centre for Neuroscience and Neurodynamics (CINN), The University of Reading

2015:    British Association of Psychopharmacology council member candidates statements, BAP Newsletter

2015:    Results of the election to the British Association of Psychopharmacology council  and report on Dr McCabe winning Senior Psychopharm Award, BAP Newsletter, 2015 : 

2015:    In a lift with interview with McCabe about our work, University of Reading,

2015:    How do we defeat eating disorders? Brain biomarkers could provide the ammunition, News Article University of Reading Website,

2014:    Article of presentation at the Cheltenham Science Festival on how rewarding foods affect brain activity, British Association of Psychopharmacology website 2014:

2014:    Article on work on eating disorders and appeal for volunteers, Berkshire Live Website,

2013:    News article about our Biological Psychiatry paper, Department of Psychiatry website.

2012:    Article about Umami that mentions research paper, Persepsyon word press website,

2009:    Article mentioning 2008 study on the Brain and Human Touch , Body in Mind website,

2007:    Article about obesity and addictive foods that includes our research Neuroscience Marketing Website,

2007:    Article about the Science of Chocolate that talks about our research, explain that stuff website, updated

2006:    Article talking about our research about chocolate and reward Trinigourmet website, 2006:

2006:    Article about our work on chocolate and the reward centre, Neuroscience Marketing website,

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